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Re: Very minor documentation fix

From: Rodney Barnett <rbarnett(at)>
Date: Tue Aug 20 2002 - 18:33:11 GMT
Sorry if this shows up twice.  The first copy has mysteriously disappeared.

Quoting Bill Moseley <>:

> At 09:52 AM 08/20/02 -0500, Rodney Barnett wrote:
> >I'm using the prog method to index my documents.  It would be very
> >convenient to be able to pass command line parameters to my script, but
> >I don't see any way to do that.  Am I missing something?
> Yes, there's a config option SwishProgParameters that does that.

I found it shortly after I posted.  :-(

> The other day I started to add a switch to do that, so you could specify
> command line params to the, eh, command line params.  Sometimes it's nice
> to run swish without a config file.

Yep.  That's part of why I missed the configuration directive.  I've been
trying to avoid per-index configuration files.

> But then I remembered you can do:
>    ./myprog myparam1 myparam2 | ./swish-e -S prog -i stdin

Works for me.  However, I don't see anything in the documentation and if I
were taking a wild stab, I would've guessed "-i -".  How about adding a

> Swish was probably originally written for indexing web pages -- and thus
> had a bunch of special features for indexing things specific to html docs
> such as the title.  In 2.0.5 and earlier there's a separate data structure
> for holding the title, file size, and some other things I can't remember
> now, in addition to code to store properties.  In 2.1-dev swish was
> simplified to just store properties, and things like path, title, size and
> so on are now just properties like anything else.
> Actually, it's still a bit of a mix, as in the current code the function
> create a file entry in the index (not the file's words) the function takes
> as parameters the title, size, path, and last modification date.
> Back to your question: In xml you can make anything the title you want
> since everything is just properties.  If you want to index HTML and XML at
> the same time and have the titles all be stored as a property "swishtitle"
> then in xml you need to say <swishtitle>My Title</swishtitle>, or use a
> property name alias to may the title(s) in your XML docs to the swishtitle
> property name.
> That make sense??

Yep.  Looks like properties are a good thing.  I didn't investigate the
option before.  It didn't occur to me that I might be able to alias an auto
property.  That looks good too.


--- SWISH-CONFIG.pod.orig       Tue Aug 20 03:15:09 2002
+++ SWISH-CONFIG.pod    Tue Aug 20 12:40:46 2002
@@ -327,7 +327,7 @@

 =item *

-L<PropertyNameAlias|/"item_PropertyNameAliase"> *property name* *list of
+L<PropertyNameAlias|/"item_PropertyNameAlias"> *property name* *list of

 =item *

> >PropertyNames is listed three times conescutively in the HTML
> >list of configuration file directives.  Looks like the second two are for
> >PropertyNamesCompareCase and PropertyNamesIgnoreCase, but the HTML links
> >are broken.  I'm not familiar enough with PODs to suggest what to do
> >it.
> I fixed that the other day, too.  Thanks.

Okay, I've updated my copy.  Maybe you're not ahead of me this time.  :-)

> >+L<PropertyNamesDate|/"item_PropertyNamesDate"> *list of meta names*
> >+Currently, there's no way to prevent Swish-e from indexing
> Thanks!

You're welcome.  I'm glad to give back something, small though it be.

Received on Tue Aug 20 18:37:04 2002