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Re: Very minor documentation fix

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Tue Aug 20 2002 - 16:20:53 GMT
At 09:52 AM 08/20/02 -0500, Rodney Barnett wrote:
>I'm using the prog method to index my documents.  It would be very
>convenient to be able to pass command line parameters to my script, but I
>don't see any way to do that.  Am I missing something?

Yes, there's a config option SwishProgParameters that does that.

The other day I started to add a switch to do that, so you could specify
command line params to the, eh, command line params.  Sometimes it's nice
to run swish without a config file.

But then I remembered you can do:

   ./myprog myparam1 myparam2 | ./swish-e -S prog -i stdin

>Looks like there's no official way to specify a title for an XML document.
>The documentation for the -x option even includes "(html only)" after the
>description of swishtitle.  However, I did find that if I include a title
>in the form "<swishtitle>my title</swishtitle>" in my XML document, it
>goes into the swishtitle property.  Is this a loophole that might be closed
>at some point?  Seems to me there ought to be a way to specify a title
>for every document.  Is there some other way that I haven't found?

Yes, I saw that (html only) the other day after your post and I removed the
"(html only)" on swishtitle.  It should be online now.  

Swish was probably originally written for indexing web pages -- and thus
had a bunch of special features for indexing things specific to html docs
such as the title.  In 2.0.5 and earlier there's a separate data structure
for holding the title, file size, and some other things I can't remember
now, in addition to code to store properties.  In 2.1-dev swish was
simplified to just store properties, and things like path, title, size and
so on are now just properties like anything else.

Actually, it's still a bit of a mix, as in the current code the function to
create a file entry in the index (not the file's words) the function takes
as parameters the title, size, path, and last modification date.

Back to your question: In xml you can make anything the title you want
since everything is just properties.  If you want to index HTML and XML at
the same time and have the titles all be stored as a property "swishtitle"
then in xml you need to say <swishtitle>My Title</swishtitle>, or use a
property name alias to may the title(s) in your XML docs to the swishtitle
property name.

That make sense??

>In the documentation of the -x option, it says "Note: In swish-e 2.2 all
>user properties are String type. This may change in future...," but the
>documentation of the configuration file includes the PropertyNamesNumeric
>and PropertyNamesDate directives.  Should the note be removed?

Yes.  The future is upon us.

>PropertyNames is listed three times conescutively in the HTML alphabetical
>list of configuration file directives.  Looks like the second two are for
>PropertyNamesCompareCase and PropertyNamesIgnoreCase, but the HTML links
>are broken.  I'm not familiar enough with PODs to suggest what to do about

I fixed that the other day, too.  Thanks.

>+L<PropertyNamesDate|/"item_PropertyNamesDate"> *list of meta names*
>+Currently, there's no way to prevent Swish-e from indexing


Bill Moseley
Received on Tue Aug 20 16:24:32 2002