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Swish-e, libxml2, and slackware

From: <Erik.Pugh(at)>
Date: Fri Aug 02 2002 - 11:23:07 GMT
I'm having trouble getting swish-e to run (at all) on Slackware with 

I install libxml2 2.4.5 the normal way, accepting the defaults, then 
install zlib 1.1.4 with default options, and then install swish-e using 
following configure line:

./configure --with-libxml2=/usr/local --with-zlib=/usr/local

The configure script finds libxml2, and finds zlib, I make it, then make 
test, and make test fails
because the swish-e binary that was built says it cannot find the file.

I've also run /sbin/ldconfig to update the shared object files.

Does anyone know what is going on? 

I've even told libxml2 where to find zlib, because I read in the swish-e 
about Solaris, the
 configure script might find something just fine, and it will load the 
header files, but telling
libxml2 where to find zlib and building it that way didn't seem to fix the 
problem of swish-e
not being able to find  Could someone please tell me what I 
am missing here?

Swish-e bulids and tests just fine when the default HTML parser is used, 
but I want the libxml2
parser for obvious reasons.

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