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Stemming with Windows

From: <Erik.Pugh(at)>
Date: Wed Jul 31 2002 - 18:07:05 GMT
Hello all,

I have a few questions...

In the precompiled release of swish-e 2.1 for Windows, is Stemming built 
into the executable?  If so...........

I'm using swish-e as a search engine for a couple of websites.  We have 
identical copies of the same website on opposite sides of a firewall.
I've got swish-e well tuned on a Linux machine, it spiders via the "prog" 
method,  indexes everything I want it to (pdfs, html), uses stemming, etc.

We also have a need to deploy swish-e on a Windows machine, I would like 
to have the exact same set of features on both machines, but am
currently stuck at the point where I implement stemming.  I have 
everything else working on Windows except for stemming, and was wondering
if anyone has any solutions or suggestions on how to compile or use the 
SWISH::Stemmer perl module on windows.  I know the Stemmer that
is included in the swish-e dev windows release needs to be compiled first. 

 Is there any way I can avoid compiling, or better yet, get a precompiled 
version of
the module.  Additionally, why does the module need 
to be compiled?  Is there a 100% perl - alternative module 
that would work?  My problems only happen after I build the index.  I 
query the index, and swish-e complains that it cannot find the stemmer.

I do understand that swish-e builds the index files according to how the 
binary was built, so if the binary doesn't know how to build a stemmed 
index, then I 
realize stemming won't work when you query the files.

Thanks for the help in advance....


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