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Logging mods

From: Scot Hacker <shacker(at)>
Date: Tue Jul 30 2002 - 17:35:14 GMT
Reading through the archives, it looks like full logging is an ongoing
feature request. Meanwhile, there should be ways to do it with simple perl
modifications. I tried adding this to swish.cgi:

# open file, log current query, close file
open(SEARCHLOG,">>c:\\logs\\searchlog.txt") || die "Cannot write to

print SEARCHLOG  "$query\n";

close (SEARCHLOG);

I've tried putting this at various places in swish.cgi, but always get
either hex codes in the log or 500 errors (works statically if I put "foo"
in place of "$query"). There's got to be an easy way to make this work.

Alternatively, I'd be happy if the query strings appeared in the apache
logs. This would require having the URL include the query as a variable:


Is there an easy mod to swish.cgi that will put the query in the URL?



UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
Received on Tue Jul 30 17:38:48 2002