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memory problem

From: Sheni R. Meledath <sheni(at)>
Date: Wed Jul 17 2002 - 12:09:59 GMT

We are facing some problems while using SWISH-E on our web site. There are 
about 2300 pages in our web site. The version we were using was SWISH-E 
1.3. The problem is we can't index all the files at a time. It is showing 
an error message after indexing some of the files - "Swish: Ran out of 
memory Couldn't allocate more". Before it was working fine when there were 
fewer number of files (200 - 600).

Today we tried installing the new version of SWISH-E (2.0.5). After 
installation the same problem is occurring again while indexing. Is there 
any limit in number of files to use with SWISH-E or any requirements 
regarding server softwares/hardwares. Could you please check and let me know.

Any suggestions regarding this issue are also welcome.

Sheni R Meledath
Received on Wed Jul 17 12:13:36 2002