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Re: swish-e 2.1 hangs for a very long time

From: David L Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Sat Jul 13 2002 - 10:45:05 GMT
On Sat, 2002-07-13 at 03:52, Michael wrote:
> Gets stuck here for maybe 5-10 minutes with 99% CPU usage

99% CPU usage?  That's definitely odd.

Which operating system and compiler?  CPU type?  PERL version?

What happens when you run this:
  perl swishspider ./testing

Does this take 5-10 minutes and use 100% CPU?

Your config file and command line options are working fine here using
the current CVS under Redhat 7.1.  SWISH-E's average CPU load is 0.1%
with your config on my 1 GHz Athlon.

SWISH-E's Report:

Removing very common words...
  Getting IgnoreLimit stopwords: Complete                            
no words removed.
Writing main index...
Sorting words ...
Sorting 3188 words alphabetically
Writing header ...
Writing index entries ...
  Writing word text: Complete
  Writing word hash: Complete
  Writing word data: Complete
3188 unique words indexed.
7 properties sorted.                                              
65 files indexed.  321038 total bytes.  22202 total words.
Elapsed time: 00:05:31 CPU time: 00:00:00
Indexing done!

 David Norris
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Received on Sat Jul 13 10:48:36 2002