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Re: DLL and license

From: Patrik Hrkút <hrkut(at)>
Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 13:33:35 GMT
I studied the GPL (and the FAQs) and the LGPL too. If I understand well, 
the main
difference between them is following:
Applications (libraries) under LPGL can be included (called from) a 
proprietary code, while libraries
under GPL not (without publishing the whole application).
Am I right ?
Is Swish-e published under GPL or LGPL ?
If  we develop a DLL, of course it will be accessible under GPL/LGLP.

P.S.: Why we can't share our code to community ? Unfortunately, it 
doesn't depend on me.
You know, you get a problem to solve (the best with as little cost as 
possible), but I can't dictate,
if our software can be released under GPL (altough I think, our software 
is nothing special and secret,
 it is quite small application). wrote:

>Hi all,
>This is just an opinion, not an answer to the question.
>Well, I am far to be an expert about the GPL, GNU or whatever
>other license that may be applied to swish-e. 
>What I have done, is spending several hundreds (thousands?)  
>hours from my free time in the swish code. At least for me, you can 
>use my work whatever you want. Of course, there are much more 
>people who has contributed to the actual swish-e, mainly Bill 
>Moseley but also Rainer Scherg and Bill Meier; and we must
>not forget the creators of the original package. So, my opinion
>is not valid.
>The C code of the actual swish-e (version 2.x) has very little lines in
>common with the old one (version 1.X). What I think abouy my work
>is "Feel free to use it wherever and whenever you want" but this is
>just my opinion and it can be only applied to my work. Perhaps it is
>time to reconsider swish's license. As I have said there are work
>from other people and from the creators of the original package. This
>effort must be kept in mind.
>So, why not changing the license into a less restrictive one if it
>can be helpful for someone?
>Anyway, Ptarik, a question for you, why do not share your code to
>the community? we are sharing ours to you ;)
>Jose Ruiz
Received on Fri Jun 28 13:37:04 2002