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swish 1.3 <title>

From: Jan Baggen <jbaggen(at)>
Date: Thu May 30 2002 - 11:49:54 GMT
We have several files named *.php and these files have HTML title tag.
Something like this:

<title>Test Document</title>
<?php echo "Test Document";?>

When we index these .php files and searh for "test" in this index the
filename is displayed in the results and not the title.

# swish-e -w "test" -f index.swish
# SWISH format 1.3
# Swish-e format 1.3
# Name: www
# Saved as: index.swish
# Number of hits: 2
1000 test.html "Test Document" 67
1000 test.php "test.php" 74

When we rename .php to .html and recreate the index the title is 

How to change this behaviour and let .php files display title tag
in search results?
Received on Thu May 30 11:53:27 2002