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Re: the -p option not working w/ PERL script

From: José Márquez <noway(at)>
Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 17:26:50 GMT
dear Bill,

> There's no PropertyNames option "on" or "off".  You use the PropertyNames
> feature to add additional user-define properties to swish.

I meant that I had un-commented it into play as described here:

The new "PropertyNames" tag in the configuration file lists all META tag
names that are to be retrievable at search time. Note: the index must be
regenerated for this to have any effect.

and added the name of the META tag name that I want to be retrieved, i.e.,

> You need to post more info, such as the exact command that's failing (when
> run from the command line).  -p won't give no results, but will give an
> error if you are using an invalid property name.

I'm not running swish-e from the command line but rather from a PERL
script and it was a line from the PERL script that I posted:

open(SWISH, "$swish -w \"$Q::query*\" -d dq -m $Q::results -f $index |");

Here it is again. Unfortunately, I didn't write this script -- a friend
did long ago. But on the same documentation page/url cited above, it
describes the step for adding the -p propertyname to a construction
identical to the one above. Unfortunately, when I do as it says, by
inserting the -p propertyname flag after the -f $index instruction the
search tool reports not an error, but rather, 0 results.

But I guess I should run it from the command line to see what kind of an
error results and then post that to this discussion! Thanks for your help!

> Once you figure that out you can then work on your script.
> You should also look at using 2.1-dev and the -x switch, which makes
> parsing easier.
> I assume you are using Windows (because of your double quotes).  If not
> then you should consider forking swish instead of using a piped open as
> above.  You can then avoid passing data through the shell.

No, Linux but I'm not adept enough with PERL to know how to do the above.
My loss, I'm sure!

Thanks again for your time and help!

Received on Wed May 29 17:30:22 2002