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Re: Swish C search library: free resources

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Sat May 25 2002 - 13:34:49 GMT
At 03:43 AM 05/25/02 -0700, Cristiano Corsani wrote:

>1 - open a connection by sw = SwishOpen(...) the returns a "SWISH* sw"
>2 - launch a search by SwishSearch(sw, ...);
>3 - retrive information by res = SwishNext(sw, ...), that returns a "struct 
>result* res" pointer;

>4 - retrive property by prop = getResultPropValue(sw, res, ...), that 
>returns a "PropValue* prop" pointer and repeat 3 - 4 till I need;

Step 4 will require freeing memory for each call to getResultPropValue.
Take a look at result_output.c.  The "pv" returned from getResultPropValue
can have a string attached to it, but there's also a flag in pv that says
if the string should be freed or not.

It may be a day or so before I can get to it, but let me add a
FreeResultPropValue() function as that would be a cleaner way to deal with

>5 - free the memory allocated by SwishNext (efree(res)) and 
>getResultPropValue (efree(prop)) on point 3;

I don't have time to look right now, but I'm not sure if that's all that
needs to be done or not.  There's also a data structure that caches the
pointers into the .prop file.  I'm just not sure at this time if that needs
to be freed separately.

>6 - Close the connection by SwishClose(sw, ...).

If you are running in a persistent environment then I'd try to keep the
connection open between requests.  But not without careful check of memory

>Sometimes it crashs. I have some doubts on point 5, probably 
>SwishClose(...) frees the memory allocated for sw and for res and for prop.

No, I think SwishClose only deals with the sw object.

Unfortunately, the library was implemented after the program -- instead of
basing the program on the library.  I suspect there's a few small memory
leaks with the library.  Can you give me a day or so to look at it?


Bill Moseley
Received on Sat May 25 13:34:52 2002