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Swish-e mirror in .at / Central EU

From: Antonin Sprinzl <Antonin.Sprinzl(at)>
Date: Fri May 24 2002 - 10:25:54 GMT
Hi all 'round,

just to tell you I started to maintain a mirror of swish-e
here at the Vienna Univ. of Technology, Austria.

It's located @

 (releases, and current -> 2.2 with daily snapshots)
 updated daily

Everyone welcome !


FYI: GDS download daily 600Gb/400-500k req/ 40-60k hosts
Antonin Sprinzl      +43-1-58801-42033(tel) -42098(fax)
See PGP/GPG public key <>
See Goodie Domain Service      <>
See Symph. Blasorchester     <>
Received on Fri May 24 10:26:04 2002