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Re: How can we get the output pointing to the

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Mon May 13 2002 - 13:27:34 GMT
At 05:23 AM 5/13/2002 -0700, Tushar Solanki wrote:
>  I want ot use swish-e for indexing the help pages for search. The output
returns me the name of the file that contains the keyword when search on
kewords in the comment tag.Config Information : In config file I am
indexing the comments & usnig ReplaceRules to prepend to the result file name.
>How can we get the output pointing to the specific part of the result page
using anchor tag ( for eg :  ). 

Parse the documents into separate "files".  Here's an example which might
give you some ideas (the list archive software mangles the code formatting,

That's using HTML::TreeBuilder to parse the HTML, which makes it very easy
to pull out the sections, combine with the header and create a new complete
HTML document.

If your documents are not as structured (so that it's not as easy to pull
out sections), you might try using a SAX-type parser and just watch for
events, such as a new comment, and then write the docs.

Bill Moseley
Received on Mon May 13 13:29:00 2002