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Re: Running swish with mod_perl

From: Alex Lyons SercoAssurance-Winfrith Tel01305-202368 FAX01305-202194 <ajlyons(at)>
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 18:23:48 GMT
>Yes, sorry, the mod_perl handler uses the library.

Thanks for clarifying that.

>>I tend to run my perl CGI stuff as FastCGI rather than mod_perl, so the 
>>extra memory required for the SWISHE perl library is less of an issue as 
>>it doesn't get loaded into all the httpd processes.
>Doesn't the memory just get shifted to the backend processes?  Kind of like
>using the standard config of a proxy in front of mod_perl?  Or am I mixing
>that up with SpeedyCGI?

I suppose so, but the memory has got to get loaded sometime.  So there's a single 
perl/swish-e-lib process (I don't need more than one) sitting on the server 
handling all search requests from the httpds.  Think of it as a persistent 
swish-e process.  If it dies, the FastCGI handler just starts another one when 
the next request comes in.


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