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Re: Quick question

From: David L Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Thu Apr 11 2002 - 18:01:52 GMT
On Thu, 2002-04-11 at 12:22, Bill Moseley wrote:
> Are there a lot of people using versions 2.1-dev that are just waiting
> for a "release"?

Possibly.  It's also likely that many people don't know about 2.1. 
There are many programming sites which make no mention of 2.1 because
it's not a "release" version.  They just provide a local copy of, or
direct link to, the 2.0.5 version.  Many of the Linux distros are
shipping 2.0.5, but, some still provide 1.1.

> Development is slow right now, so maybe we could just take a current
> snapshot and call it 2.2.  But then we are back to the same problem when
> a bug is fixed:  Use "stable" with a known bug, or a "dev" with the bug
> fixed? ;)  Still, calling one snapshot version 2.2 would make admins
> happier and give an excuse to spam mailing lists with an announcement,
> though.

Perhaps we should tag a 2.2 release and continue on with 2.3-dev/2.4. 
Technically, that's no different than what we're doing.  We have many
things to do.  But, all the serious (reported) bugs are squashed for the
moment.  2.1 has come quite a long way, I think.

I might look into creating a RPM spec file (anyone up for a DEB?). 
Might be nice to get the various Linux distros up to date.

 David Norris
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Received on Thu Apr 11 18:03:14 2002