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WordCharacters problem

From: Egglezos <cool(at)>
Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 14:11:04 GMT
Swish is case sensitive when it comes foreign languages. Don’t get me wrong
I am not complaining. We used swish 1.1.1. It indexed Greek words but with
case sensitivity so I decided to see what was new and I came across swish
2.0.5 with the “TranslateCharacters” that some how remedies my problem
indexing all Greek words with uppercase Greek characters (I don’t even know
if it will work).
I downloaded it. I compiled it (without any configuration on my behalf).
Now my swish dose not index Greek words.
Since the previous Admin didn’t bother to leave any documentation. I am a
little stuck.
I have pretty much combed and came up with nothing helpful.

I would appreciate any help at all.

System : Solaris ,gcc  ,perl5

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