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SWISH-E status on windows

From: Markus Strickler <markus(at)>
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 14:14:49 GMT
I was wondering what's the stat of swish-e on windows.
The webpage states that the latest stable build is 2.0.5, but I couldn't
find it for download (only unix source versions). Also what's the state
of SWISH-PERL? From what I could see it's not included with the windows
distribution. Will it work on Windows (2000 Server)? Another question,
do I get it right, that the search.cgi script that comes with the
windows distro doesn't work on Windows? (Again 200 Server with
ActivePerl)? And finally what's the status of the SWISH-E C library on
windows? Anyone successfully using it? Thanks for any answers!

Received on Wed Mar 13 14:14:50 2002