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libxml2 and Win32

From: GUEGAN Ronald <rguegan(at)>
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 10:22:12 GMT

I'm using Windows 2000. I have seen many messages talking about
libxml2, but I'm unable to use it, as the default distribution uses the old

Could someone tell me if I can activate libxml2 with the
distribution ?

OR do I need to compile the SWISH-E sources to be able to have libxml2 ? (by
the way I don't have Visual C++ )

As it seems many people are using it, can someone SEND ME his version so i
can have libxml2 ?

Why libxml2 isn't the default parser ? It seems to me that everybody using
SWISH-E intensively are using
libxml2. So why still having the old parser  that can't get the job done
correctly ?

    Thanks in advance.
Received on Wed Mar 13 10:22:29 2002