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nested properties introduce spaces

From: Fred Toth <ftoth(at)>
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 18:29:22 GMT
Hi again,

I wonder if this is a bug? (It's a bit obscure, perhaps.)

We are indexing papers that have some special purpose tagging that looks
like this:


The intent here is that the paper category is "DRILL" and the
paper number is "ETCE2002/DRILL-29030".

We use both of these tags as properties and meta names for both searching
and presentation.

However, when swish-e delivers the ZPAPER property, we end up with spaces
introduced where the nested ZCATEGORY tags were. Like this (note the space
after the slash and before the hyphen):

"ETCE2002/ DRILL -29030"

Now, this is not a big deal and is easy to work around, but I wonder if 
this should
be considered a bug?


Fred Toth
Received on Wed Mar 6 18:30:04 2002