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Re: IndexDir using Windows

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Thu Feb 28 2002 - 23:24:41 GMT
At 03:09 PM 02/28/02 -0800, Schulze, Klaus-Peter wrote:
>I use SWISH-E on a Win2K system, until today everything worked fine =
>the following commands:
>IndexDir ../WebNews/2002

I think David had been battling different versions of Windows trying to get
it to work.  We need to get this ironed out so we don't have to deal with
Windows ;)

For example, I just got this to work on Win98 (and with a fresh download
just now from

E:\Program Files\SWISH-E25>swish-e -i c:/home/swish-e/src
Indexing Data Source: "File-System"
Indexing "c:/home/swish-e/src"

as did this:

E:\Program Files\SWISH-E25>swish-e -i ../swish-e25/html
Indexing Data Source: "File-System"
Indexing "../swish-e25/html"

So it seems to work on Win98, but 2K is not complaining.

>Indexing "../WebNews/2002"
>Checking dir "../WebNews/2002\"...

David, I know where the \ is coming from, but I'm not clear which of the
Win32 calls is causing the problem past that point.

Bill Moseley
Received on Thu Feb 28 23:25:00 2002