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Re: meta names not included in swishdefault?

From: Tim Strehle <tim(at)>
Date: Wed Feb 27 2002 - 22:02:55 GMT
Hello Bill,

Bill Moseley wrote:
> At 11:44 AM 02/26/02 -0800, Gerald Klaas wrote:
> >Fred,
> >I'd be interested in knowing what you decide to do.
> >In my case, I would like to take the contents of a single meta
> >tag ("keywords") and both index it as a property AND add the
> >words into the swishdefault.
> I think that this will be common enough that there needs to be a way to do
> this.  Like I said before, there really two ways to do this.
> One (which I think would be easiest) would be to just index the words under
> different metanames.  For a huge index that might be an issue since words
> (word position data) is getting duplicated in the index.  In the config
> file might do something like:
>   MetaNameGroup all author keywords comment

that would be a great solution.

We are currently evaluating swish-e against the Oracle Context Cartridge
(also known as Intermedia Text) - they do either "section" searches
(where a section is a MetaName in swish-e speak) or fulltext searches,
fulltext meaning all sections / MetaNames.

A MetaNameGroup setting would be even better, because it would allow
exclusion of certain MetaNames from the "fulltext".

Tim Strehle
Received on Wed Feb 27 22:03:36 2002