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Re: meta names not included in swishdefault?

From: Fred Toth <ftoth(at)>
Date: Tue Feb 26 2002 - 19:24:47 GMT

Thanks for your help. I think I can see several ways to accomplish
what I want to do.

Regarding nested meta names: Is it reasonable to use "html" as
the top level of nested meta names (using HTML2 as the IndexContents value)?

Then, the "all" search would be:

         swish -w html=smith


Fred Toth

At 11:08 AM 2/26/02 -0800, Bill Moseley wrote:
>On Sunday 24 February 2002 06:03 pm, Fred Toth wrote:
>[I seem to have failed to queue this message a few days ago -- sorry]
> > It appears that when meta names are defined ("author" for example), the
> > data accumulated for the "author" meta name is no longer included in the
> > default meta name "swishdefault". Is this correct?
>Yes.  "swishdefault" is just another metaname, the one that's used if
>something else doesn't match.
> > Meaning, if I have <author>smith</author> somewhere in my input, and I
> > search:
> >
> >       swish-e -w author=smith
> >
> > I get a hit. This is good. However, if I search:
> >
> >       swish-e -w smith
> >
> > I don't get a hit, since, presumably, "smith" does not exist in
> > "swishdefault".
> >
> > So, to my questions: Is there any way to change this? I'd like
> > "swishdefault" to be the "full text" of the input, including any and all
> > meta names. Is this possible? If so, how do I express that in the
> > configuration?
>So you want -w author=smith to only search the author field, but -w smith
>(which is the same as swishdefault=smith) to search all fields?
>     -w smith or author=smith
>is the current way to do that.
>There has been discussion about extending the search syntax to do something
>     -w swishdefault,author,subject=smith
>to search all those listed fields.  I've also thought about something like
>     -w *=smith
>to say search all metaIDs.  But for my use I'd think I'd want more control --
>that is I'd want to specify what metaIDs were also part of an "ALL" search.
>That means either defining what metaID should also be indexed as
>"swishdefault", or to allow multiple metaID searches as shown above.
> > However, this could get very cumbersome if there are a lot of meta names:
> >
> >       swish-e -w 'smith or author=smith or abstract=smith or 
> keywords=smith'
> > (etc. etc.)
>One work around is to use nested metanames in your source documents:
>metanames autho abstract group And then use libxml2 as your HTML parser. 
>Now, it's not always possible to change the source. There's a way to alias 
>a collection of metanames onto one metaname. You can say that author, and 
>abstract and keywords are all aliases for the "group" metaname, but then 
>you can't search for just "author". That might be a nice feature. > 
>Another thing I thought of was to have 2 indexes. One has all my meta 
>names > defined, > and the other has none. A full text query then queries 
>the index with no > meta names. > Any other field specific query goes 
>against the meta name index. What would be an easy workaround.
Received on Tue Feb 26 19:25:18 2002