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Re: indexing and Windows

From: David L Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 06:17:52 GMT
On Sun, 2002-02-24 at 17:09, Gaye Karagulle wrote:
> I want to learn that if I can use swish-e in Windows
> environment, to extract the keywords (with their
> frequencies) of MS Word or txt documents.

You'll need to read the manual section on how to use filters.  You'll
want catdoc or something similar to have SWISH-E filter the Word
documents.  Anything which filters Word docs into XML, HTML, or text
should be usable.

Document Filter Directives:

A native version of catdoc for Windows:

I wouldn't use any other version of catdoc with SWISH-E.  I ported this
version to Win32.  The DOS version doesn't work correctly with SWISH-E.

> I don't have time to read all the documentation, can
> you give me a clue about where I can find the
> documentation only for "running in Windows
> environment"?

There is nothing system specific in SWISH-E.  It should work exactly the
same between Windows, Unix and any other system.  If it doesn't then
it's probably a bug.

Current SWISH-E Manual:

Current Windows build of SWISH-E:

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