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From: maildofernando <maildofernando(at)>
Date: Fri Feb 15 2002 - 18:56:36 GMT

    I am looking for a web indexing and after some 
days studying on the subject I am in doubt between 
the "Perlfect Search" and the "Swish-E". I do not know 
very on this subject but necessary to take a decision 
fast and I do not want to commit errors.  

    Although the "Swish-E" seeming upper to 
the "Perlfect Search", I would like to make some 

	1-How Functions the database of the Swish?
	2-The database requires transactions?
	3-The Swish-E supports multi-user having      
access the database?  
	4-Which are the limits of the Swish-E?  
	5-It is possible to integrate a external 
database with the Swish-E?  
	6-Which the behavior of the database in critical 
	7-I go to use the product only in the File 
System.I need to indexing million of archives "*.txt". 
Which of the Products you recommends, the Swish-E or the 
Perlfect Search?

    If they will not be able to answer some of these 
questions, please say where I can find these responses.

Fernando Souza de Andrade

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Received on Fri Feb 15 18:58:29 2002