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Getting a Web Page to have a higher ranking

From: Chris Blackstone <cblackst(at)>
Date: Fri Feb 08 2002 - 17:17:36 GMT
I work for a school district and summer school registration is starting.
We have a site for summer school that I want to be returned as the #1
web  page when someone searches on Summer School.
The page has "Summer School" in the Title tag on the Page and the text
"summer school" appears 5 other places on the page.
However, when I search on "summer school" it comes up on the third page
of results (like 40th page returned, rank of 599), and most people don't
look that deep on searches.

What can I do to make this page return higher?
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          web services coordinator     -->

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arlington, va 22207
Received on Fri Feb 8 17:19:46 2002