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matching partial/variant words

From: Chuck Renner <crenner(at)>
Date: Thu Feb 07 2002 - 20:30:34 GMT
I've had SWISH-E v2.0 running fine for a while, but have now had a
functionality question come up.  In our environment, a search for the word
"deprecated" returns three results.  A search for the word "deprecate"
returns no results.

Experimenting at the command line, I discovered I can include a wildcard
character on the end of the query term, such that "deprecated", "deprecate*"
and "deprecated*" all return the same results.  My existing Perl script
could be easily modified to add the * to each term.

However, before going forward with this, I want to find out the following:

1)  Does this solution have potentially bad consequences that I may not be

2)  Is there anything built into SWISH that would do this for me?  (Nothing
in the documentation or FAQ jumped out at me.)

3)  Does anyone have a different/better approach this issue?

Received on Thu Feb 7 20:32:45 2002