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General comment regarding Prog method

From: Rich Thomas <thomasr(at)>
Date: Tue Jan 29 2002 - 14:31:12 GMT
While I'm sure the answer is there and I just don't see it, I was

Would anyone else consider it beneficial to have the perl script examples
made simpler?  I know that a lot of effort went into putting so many
parameters and options into things like but unless you're a perl
programmer it's tough to know just what portions you need for which tasks.

What would be helpful, at least to me, would be some short simple examples
of or swish.conf files to do things like spider a site.  I'd like
to know what the minimum entries in the perl script would be to do a simple
spidering.  Then after I'm comfortable that it works I could explore the
rest of the customization options.

What would also be great is an up to date list of what perl versions and
modules are needed swish-e.  I guess with all the platforms supported that
may be difficult but perhaps just the major platforms?

End of wishlist!

Thanks for listening,


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