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Deleting files

From: Cristiano Corsani <cristiano.corsani(at)>
Date: Sat Jan 26 2002 - 08:29:39 GMT
Hi all,

my problem: I have a db that I index with swish-e using prog
option. How can I manage these situations?

1) A record has ben added;

2) A record has been modified;

3) A record has been deleted.

I'm not sure I have understand correctly: may I have to reindex
all? But SWISH-E use a "Last modified" field. Does it means that
it is possible to reindex a portion of the whole db? In that case
how can I manage th point 3? For the point 1 it is clear :-), for
point 2 I have to change the "last modified" field.

Many thanks for help.....this discussion group is great! I always
receive answer even if sometimes my questions are stupid!

Cristiano Corsani
Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze
Piazza Cavalleggeri 1
50122 Firenze
Tel.: +39 055 24919 220 
Received on Sat Jan 26 08:30:47 2002