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Re: HTTP method config

From: David L Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Wed Jan 16 2002 - 20:47:31 GMT
On Wed, 2002-01-16 at 15:15, Bill Moseley wrote:
> No.  Please no.

Somehow I knew you'd say that.  ;-)  I'd have agree, really.

So, I suppose the problem is to get people to read the docs.  Aside from
having the executable nag everyone to read the docs on errors I don't
know what we could do.

> 2) there used to be a default config file, and everyone used it even if
> they didn't need it.

The problem: Some people seem to be going well out of their way to find
and use that old default user.config file with the current 2.1 series. 
I don't even know where one would find that file.  I've had it sent to
me several times from versions where the file isn't included.

> 3)problems in the config file
> 4) swish should work ok without a config file
> 5) three line config file then I can easily try it out and offer help.
> 6) It's too easy to start using a config option when it's right there in
> the config file.  I'd rather someone find the config option to solve their
> problem from the documentation.

I agree with all of that.

> Which config file?

Sorry, the ancient user.config file I just had sent to me.  The
directives in it are mostly not needed, as you know.  All the comments
are really confusing.
> Again, are you talking about something specific?

Well, not really.  I'm just trying to figure out why this config file is
using HTML parser sometimes instead of HTML2.  Perhaps, it's time to go
the other way around and throw away the config file.  ;-)  I think that
DefaultContents is all that's needed here.

Do you suppose we could switch the default parser to HTML2 if libxml2
support is enabled?  This should be trivial with an ifdef, I'd think. 
You have any thoughts on that?  I can't fathom why someone would
actually want to use the old HTML parser.

> >>    Document-Type: HTML2
> Oh, it is documented:
> Ok, so that's not exactly a lot of documentation...

We'll rate it on quality and not quantity.  ;-)

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