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Re: HTTP method config

From: David L Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Wed Jan 16 2002 - 20:01:03 GMT
On Wed, 2002-01-16 at 13:58, Bill Moseley wrote:
> You mean the (depreciated yet? ;) -S http method?

Yes, that's the one!  (Is that old thing still around? ;-)

> Well, the file does have
> three sections:
>   Directives for the File Access method only 
>   Directives for the HTTP Access Method Only 
>   Directives for the prog Access Method Only 

How did I miss that?  I've been staring at this file for an hour.  Some
days I shouldn't even get out of bed.

Seems like many people aren't reading the docs nor looking at the
example config files.  What do you think about including 3 "template"
config files with every directive commented out?  One for each file
access method: fs, prog, http.  Minimal documentation comments in the
templates to (hopefully) force the user to read the manuals.

> As I've mentioned I'd like to depreciate the -S switch and switch over to
> just using -i or (poorly named) IndexDir.
>        file://  
>        http:// 
>        prog://

I think that would be nice.  Probably something for whenever MIME types
are implemented (3.0?).

> But, one tiny problem is the some of the config settings are only checked
> in the individual modules (http.c, extprog.c, fs.c).  That means if you use
> "Delay" for -S fs, you get an error now, which is nice, but would need to
> be changed to allow URL-type of sources specified.

Which is what has me puzzled.  This config file has FS method directives
but an HTTP IndexDir.  It seems to me one of these directives should
have given an error.

> >Does prog method get around this problem somehow?
> Which problem do you mean?  

I suppose that prog could get around any problems provided the program
was sufficiently smart.

>    Document-Type: HTML2

Now, that would be rather useful knowledge.

> If you are using -S prog, then the smart thing is to only send the data you
> want indexed.

If it were me then I'd be using prog method.  ;-)

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