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Sorting issues

From: Zambra - Michael <michael(at)>
Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 17:55:17 GMT

I wish you all a Happy New Year.

I have a problem concerning search results sorting.

I'm trying to display results in sections, for instance:

Header Section 1
  Results sorted by rank

Header Section 2
  Results sorted by rank

Header Section 3
  Results sorted by rank

I'm sorting by swishdocpath and swishrank as secondary sorting criteria. My
script extracts the first level subdirectory of each swishdocpath property
in order to find out the section. Every time the extracted "section" changes
a new header is being added.

The problem is that each first level subdirectory has subdirectories below
and swish proceeds to order all the files  contained in the first level
directory first and then applies the rank order. Something like that

Section 1 Header
  Results in subdirectory sectionname_a/a/
    Results ordered by rank
  Results in subdirectory sectionname_a/a/
    Results ordered by rank

I would like to have all the results in subdirectory "sectionname_a" and its
subdirectories ordered by rank.

This is maybe not a Swish issue, but I'd appreciate any comments regarding
how you did approach similar problems.

Besides I have noticed that swish orders swishdocpath alphabetically, like


How would it be possible to obtain the results in the "root" directory
ordered alphabetically first and then the subdirectories in the first level
ordered alphabetically, too?


Received on Wed Jan 2 17:55:29 2002