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Re: NoContents of files with no extension

From: David L Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Wed Dec 19 2001 - 22:05:46 GMT
On Wed, 2001-12-19 at 12:23, Bill Moseley wrote:
> Hum, David, wasn't there some issue with catdoc on Windows?  Did you fix
> something there?

Win32 wasn't supported at all; only DOS.   Specifically, long filenames
didn't work.  I believe catdoc is working fine on Win32.  It seems to
work fine here.  I've not been able to figure out why it's not working
for Jonathan.  Seems like a configuration problem.  The FileFilter
directive seems rather confusing for Win32 users with all the
combinations of quotation marks.

I have seen Excel and PowerPoint convertors, also.  On Win32, there's
one filter which supports any MS Office OLE document using Office itself
to filter the files.  Seems like it might be a bit slower but it would
be comprehensive.

I would think that anything which is possible with SWISH++ should be
easily possible with SWISH-E given the correct helper apps.

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