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Re: NoContents of files with no extension

From: Gerald Klaas <gklaas(at)>
Date: Wed Dec 19 2001 - 17:51:09 GMT
---start my 2 cents---
I would vote for adding IndexOnlyMatch to accept regex,
much like the Apache directives Redirect vs. RedirectMatch
where Redirect is a general wildcard and RedirectMatch
uses a regex.

My reasoning isn't so much for preserving backward
compatability, but rather to keep it easy to have a "basic"
configuration file that journeyman programmers can
understand.   IMHO, programmers that haven't learned the
power of regex (yet) will be confused by a directive
that contains something like
IndexOnly /^\/here\/(.*)\.htm$/
instead of
IndexOnly .htm

Even though the first may be more accurate to what needs
to be done, the second may well work for the situation.
---end my 2 cents---


Bill Moseley wrote:

> I've thought about that.  Think it would break anything to extend the
> syntax to be
>     IndexOnly regex /pattern/
> Or would there need to be new directives:
>     IndexOnlyMatch
Received on Wed Dec 19 17:52:34 2001