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Re: Searching with Meta Tags > ready to give up

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 21:59:55 GMT
At 01:42 PM 12/11/01 -0800, Rick Ciaccio wrote:
>I have been using Swish for years and I like it... I do have a serious
>though with the manual, I am not a programmer and when I need to set up 
>something outside general searching, it has me spinning trying to make
sense of 

Any input you can provide would be great.  I barely have time to write any
code, let alone documentation.  I doubt I ever ran a spell checker on the
docs.  And I'm a rotten writer, so any help would be more than useful.  You
don't need to be a programmer to help with swish-e development.

>I have spent hours trying to block inclusion of meta tags in my searches, 
>nothing works. I used the command "./swish-e -c site.conf -t keyname" to 
>compile my search index, where "keyname" is the meta tag I need to use for 

Where in the docs does it say to use -t for indexing?  Please let me know
if there's something in the docs that suggest that so it can be fixed.

On it says:

-t HBthec (context searching)
        The -t option allows you to search for words that exist only in
        specific HTML tags.

Which doesn't sound anything like what you are describing.

>I've added "keyname" to my "site.conf" file and it compiles fine, but it 
>includes all meta tags anyway. Here is a search string using the keyword 
>I get every dam page in the site because "waves" is in all the "Description" 
>meta tags. What am I missing? I am ready to look for another search script
>of frustration.

Don't confuse the search script with swish.  Where did you find

Anyway, what you need is

    UndefinedMetaTags ignore

UndefinedMetaTags [error|ignore|INDEX|auto]

This directive defines the behavior of swish during indexing when a meta
name is found but is not listed in MetaNames. There are four choices: 

error - If a meta name is found that is not listed in MetaNames then
indexing will be halted and an error reported. 

ignore - The contents of the meta tag are ignored and not indexed unless a
metaname has been defined with the MetaNames directive. 

index - The contents of the meta tag are indexed, but placed in the main
index unless there's an enclosing metatag already in force. This is the

auto - This method create meta tags automatically for HTML meta names and
XML elements. Using this is the same as specifying all the meta names
explicitly in a MetaNames directive. 

I wonder if the default should not be "ignore" in the future (that would
break old configs, but might be less of a surprise for new users.

Bill Moseley
Received on Tue Dec 11 22:01:18 2001