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running out of memory during merge

From: Benjamin Grosser <grosser(at)>
Date: Thu Dec 06 2001 - 06:15:39 GMT

I'm getting the following message when trying to merge index files:

 swish: Ran out of memory (could not allocate enough)!

I've tried a variety of tactics, including splitting index files into
smaller ones, and then merging those, etc.  THat's what led me to the 
merge in the first place.

However, now it seems as if the merge is dying regardless of how much is
free.  It seems to run right up to using about 530MB of physical RAM and
then quits.  I freed up to about 650MB and it still quits after about
530MB (hard to tell--I'm watching top so am not getting precise figures). 

The index files are not small, but are not that big.  I'm trying to merge
a 54MB index file with a 30MB one.  I don't know how this can need over
500MB to merge, but it runs right up to it in about 30 seconds.

Any help is greatly appreciated.  I actually need to merge about 110MB 
of index files into one index file.  I'm running on Linux with the latest

Love it initial tests were just great--very speedy.


Received on Thu Dec 6 06:16:09 2001