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Date Searching Module

From: John Elser <jElser(at)>
Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 14:24:34 GMT
I'm trying to get the date searching module to work with my system.  Here is what've I've done to this point:

1) Commented out the   delete $CONFIG{date_ranges}; line in my swish.cgi script.
2) I've downloaded and placed it in my cgi directory with 755 permissions
3) I've downloaded and installed the Date-Calc 5.0 into Perl4
4) I've added the "sent" PropertyName directive to my swish.conf file
I'm not sure if I needed to, but then I rebuilt my index file.

After the above steps were done, my search page contains the date range boxes.  But, they don't seem to work.  If I search for a particular date, I get this message: Property 'sent' value '981352800' must be <= '1007618399' 

If I search for a document using the Last 90 days box, I get this message: Property 'sent' value '999752400' must be <= '1007618399' 

When I use all the other (today, yesterday, last month, etc) boxes, I get this message:  no results 

My questions are:

1) Does the date searching module use the document last modified date to determine if it is within the date range?  If not, what date does it look at?

2) In order to get this to work, is there another perl module that I need to install?  If not, any idea what the problem could be?

Thanks for all the help.


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