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Stopwords when searching? SymbianUK05/Symbian(Release 5.0.8 |June 18, 2001) at 12/03/2001 05:40:36 AM, Serialize complete at 12/03/2001 05:40:36 AM

From: Malcolm Box <>
Date: Mon Dec 03 2001 - 07:26:43 GMT

Does swish-e use the configured list of stopwords when searching so as 
to filter out looking for words that don't exist in the index?

 From a few experiments here it would appear that it does not, which 
leads to some interesting result.  To whit, using the supplied english 
stopwords list for indexing, and then searching for "to" finds a few 
documents, noticably those with "to" in a word that is not also a 
stopword.  This is somewhat confusing to a user of the search engine!

I'd suggest that if a stoplist is configured then swish-e should not 
search for words that are part of the stoplist, instead displaying a 
message (a la Google).



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