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Re: Newline sometimes ignored in TXT-parser?

From: Arne Georg Gleditsch <argggh(at)>
Date: Sun Nov 25 2001 - 13:58:51 GMT
* Bill Moseley
> You will need to send me the credits file you are using so I can duplicate it.

(Sent privately.)

> So you already have a file formatted as -S prog likes it, right?  I think
> your cat method is fine, and you probably wouldn't gain any performance
> from letting swish do the cat, and then the -S code wouldn't need to handle
> a special case.
> If you have a program generating -S prog-formatted data, why not have swish
> call your program in the first place?

Mainly because the program is doing a lot of things with the data
underlying the -S prog-stream, and swish-indexing might or might not
be a part of that.  I could of course have this program call swish-e
with instructions to call a third program actually generating the -S
prog-formatted data, but then this third program would have to
reacquire a lot of the context already present in the first.

> Actually, that's a fine use for -S prog.

There are two things bothering me about it, and that's (1) that it
depends on swish-e not doing anything funky with stdin (like closing
it) of the child program (cat) that it spawns under -S prog, and (2)
that it depends on cat always being there and being in /bin/cat.

If you're saying I don't have to worry about number 1, I can live with
(or configure around) number 2.

Received on Sun Nov 25 13:59:21 2001