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Re: cygwin: email archive indexing problem

From: David L Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Fri Nov 23 2001 - 18:55:06 GMT
Firstly, is swish-e being compiled using CygWin under Windows?  This
should work, but, when having problems I'd suspect CygWin at least as
much as the program.  CygWin's Unix emulation is not needed for
SWISH-E.  Try using MinGW32 if you can (optionally included with
CygWin32).  MSVC 6.0 would be best, of course.  Or, use the Win32 binary
if you don't absolutely need to compile SWISH-E.

On Fri, 2001-11-23 at 09:23, Bill Moseley wrote:
> Please, if something doesn't work, send a tiny document and config file so
> someone can reproduce it.

And tell us which operating system (Win95, WinNT, Linux, etc) and
version of SWISH-E.  ;-)

> I have seen that out of memory error in swish when it was indexing binary
> data, but that was a while ago.

I'd probably be suspicious of that error.  On Win32, I get a "low on
memory" warning dialog from Windows long before I see an out of memory
error from SWISH-E.  Maybe CygWin doesn't trigger that warning, though. 
My Windows 2000 test VM has 96MB swap and 48 MB RAM allocated.  I see
low memory warnings frequently when indexing large test files.

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