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Incremental Indexing Problem

From: Marc Stein <mstein(at)>
Date: Mon Nov 12 2001 - 22:11:45 GMT
I'm having a problem with incremental indexing under Win2k.  Here's what

I can index correctly using:
-c o:\conf\137.config

I can also index by means of:
-i o:\xmlcontent\137 -f o:\indexes\137.index

When I attempt to index files later than the timestamp of timestamp.time
-i o:\xmlcontent\137 -N o:\timestamps\timestamp.time -f o:\indexes\137.index
-c o:\conf\137.config -N o:\timestamps\timestamp.time

I get the usage help listing.

Does incremental indexing work under Win2k or is my syntax just wrong?

Many thanks in advance.

Marc Stein
Received on Mon Nov 12 22:12:17 2001