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RE: Swish documentation

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 20:38:35 GMT
At 01:24 PM 10/09/01 -0700, Don Hamilton wrote:
>My latest error is "Unknown Sort property name "sent" in one of the index
>files". I only have one index, and don't know what the 'sent' property might

I'm not sure why, but that script is configured just like the swish-e
discussion list search script is (well, they are probably almost the same

The problem is you are (well, the script) it telling swish to sort by the
"sent" property, which you don't have in the index.  You need to configure
the script for your specific index.

        sorts           => [qw/swishrank subject name email sent/],

See, that's setup to work with an index that has all those properties

I should make it use the properties that a plain-old index would generate
without a swish config file that might add other properties.  The idea was
to show what you might setup.

>1) the FAQ says (in part).. "Does swish include a CGI interface?
>An example CGI script is included in the example directory. (Type perldoc
>swish.cgi in the example directory for instructions.)" The word 'example'
>seems to be linked to itself or a non-existent label.

That's just the way the pod->html converter works.  It's see F<example> to
put in "file" font, but is also trying to link to that file.

>2) the README in the example directory refers to swish2.cgi, which does not
>exist in that directory..

Oh, thanks.  It exists in CVS and not the tarball.  Since I work off CVS I
sometimes miss adding files to the MANIFEST list.  Will be there tonight.

>3) example-2.conf contains "UndefinedMetaNames ignore", which causes the
>"Bad directive on line #14 of file my.conf: UndefinedMetaNames ignore " (I
>think it should be UndefinedMetaTags).

Thanks! fixed.

I appreciate the help with this -- For some reason it's really hard for me
to see mistakes in the documentation.

Bill Moseley
Received on Tue Oct 9 20:38:54 2001