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New index proccess in development version

From: <jmruiz(at)>
Date: Tue Aug 28 2001 - 09:46:20 GMT
Hi all,

I have changed the way memory is being used in the latest
development versions. Now, it should use less memory. Also,
the index files must be a little smaller because of a better
compression schema. The -e (economic option) index option
should also use less memory than in previous versions.

I would like to hear from you if this is true in all cases. If there is
any particular case in which the performance have been degraded
or the memory usage has increased, let me know.

I would also like to know if there are some people indexing large
collections of data (more than 100000 documents). If so, I would
like to know the OS you are using, index time, search time, memory
usage, etc...

Thanks in advance. 

Jose Ruiz
Received on Tue Aug 28 09:50:57 2001