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Swish Crash on Common Words..

From: Allen <hayden(at)>
Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 07:11:46 GMT
The online doc said the /perl is supposed to be in the
tar but apparently its not in the 2.0.5. So I download the
daily development snapshot... i know this a production release
but I needed something to play with that had the perl stuff
in it... I made it crash.. so just thought development would
like to know.

It seems to be crashing on search words that are common to 
about 17,000 documents - my theory at least.

Using my own spider software I spided 17,000 web design sites and
used the '-S prog' stuff to index them into swish-e. Everything
works find except for these searches:

 -w "web"           - crash 
 -w "design"        - crash
 -w "oracle"        - ok
 -w "internet"      - crash
 -w "html"          - ok
 -w '"web design"'  - crash
 -w "site"          - crash
 -w "professional"  - ok
 -w "portfolio"     - ok

It seems to work fine on words that are probably not too numerous 
throughout the docs.  Since the database is composed entirely of 
web design sites, the crash words are most likely on all of these
pages. I'm guessing some buffer or sort thing is getting blowed

The test database (test.db) that swish-e created is only about
15M. If you want a copy to test against just let me know.

Received on Fri Aug 24 07:12:10 2001