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Where's the perl directory?

From: Allen <hayden(at)>
Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 01:57:19 GMT
Today I downloaded swish 2.0.5 and was reading about the
Perl interface stuff. The online doc's at

says my tar should untar as this:

   swish-e-x.x/            configure script and top-level Makefile
   swish-e-x.x/pod/        swish-e documentation
   swish-e-x.x/src/        source code
   swish-e-x.x/win32/      win32 binary and buid files
   swish-e-x.x/vms/        files required for building under VMS
   swish-e-x.x/conf/       example configuration files and stopword files
   swish-e-x.x/tests/      tests used for running "make test"
** swish-e-x.x/perl/       perl interface to the SWISH-E library
   swish-e-x.x/html/       HTML version of the documentation
   swish-e-x.x/doc/        directory used or building the documentation
   swish-e-x.x/filter-bin/ filter samples
   swish-e-x.x/prog-bin/   a web spider and other examples

My extract didnt quite like like this and I'm really interested
in the Perl interface stuff !!! The docs mention how to compile
the Perl modules but it seems i'm missing some source...

Any help would be appreciated.

Received on Fri Aug 24 01:57:46 2001