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Re: "Config Error" response to autoSwish

From: Peter Lord <plord(at)>
Date: Thu Aug 16 2001 - 13:36:19 GMT
    Hello again,

    OK. I've got a replacement hard drive back in, and am back where I was before the thing crashed.  Rearing to get swish happening. Just to refresh on where we were before the crash. . . . 
    - working on getting autoswish working
    - using complete.shtml form
    - swish-e-2.0.5
    - autoswish 1.0
    - Apache 1.3 server
    - Linux Redhat 6.1

    Previously, I said:

    Given that (I think) I have the right permissions for the destination folder of User.conf and Index5

  Bill Moseley replied
  You don't know that yet. I just looked and in is has the line:

  open (OUTFILE, ">$CONFIGDIR/$conf") 
  || &web_die("Cannot create $CONFIGDIR/$conf");

  Change it to:

  open (OUTFILE, ">$CONFIGDIR/$conf") 
  || &web_die("Cannot create $CONFIGDIR/$conf. Reason: $!");

  To have perl tell you why it's not working.
  Thankyou for the instruction.  I've modified the line as above and tried submitting the form; the response I now get back from is: "Config Error.  Cannot create  /home/httpd/html/Swish-E/ConfigFiles/Basic.conf  Reason: Permission Denied"

  Mmmmm, so much for me thinking I had permissions right.  So, I've looked again at the permissions to see if they're correct, and to my eye they are.  However, my eye doesn't seem to agree with the perl message.  I think it likely that my eye isn't seeing so clearly well, so there's nothing for it but to present the permission settings for the Swish group, in the hope that I may be shown the light.  So here they are.

  "ConfigFiles" (destination file for ___.conf files) & "IndexFiles" (destination file for index files)
  mode 775
  usser rwe
  group rwe
  others r_e
  owner andrew
  group daemon,,
  mode 744
  user rwe
  group r__
  other r__
  owner andrew
  group daemon, swish-bin, cgi-bin
  mode 755
  user rwe
  group r_e
  other r_e
  owner andrew
  group daemon

  The various file paths are:




  /home/httpd/html/SwishForms/complete.shtml     (location of complete.shtml with entries shown below saved into it)

  /home/httpd/html/SWISH-E/AutoSwish/complete.shtml (location of empty template form)    

  Entries saved into complete.shtml
  Configuration file name: Basic.conf
  Index name: Index1
  File directories to index: /home/httpd/html/demo/ype
  File types to index: .html
  File types not to index: the usual, plus .dat, .jpg
  Meta: keywordsserv
  Replace rules: replace "home/httpd/html/" http://localhost.localdomain/
  Indexing Limits 80 250
  Stop words: SwishDefault

  If anyone can see a clue as to what I'm doing wrong in setting permissions, I'd be grateful for any pointers.  Is there a way of getting perl to tell me which permissions are the cause of the "Permission Denied" message ?


  Andrew L.
Received on Thu Aug 16 13:37:12 2001