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Re: hang in Swish-e 1.3.2 (Sun port)

From: Frances Coakley <f.coakley(at)>
Date: Mon Aug 06 2001 - 16:27:36 GMT
I know that current wisdom is to switch to 2.0.x but until I can run that
on a windows98 platform within a reasonable time(with 700M for 4500 files)
I am currently using 1.3.2 both on a Sun server and on my home Windows
Due to an editing bug which effectively moved most of the body of a file
into the Title (the file was silently converted to correct HTML with agle
brackets converted to &lt;s etc by Corel Homepage) it caused the swish
1.3.2 on the Sun server to hang though had no adverse effect on the Windows
port which ran ok and returned valid search results - no error was noted
during indexing which worked fine on both machines.
Is this a known error re title length ?
Frances Coakley
Senior Tutor, Rm 18BB02, Dept Elec Eng; University of Surrey, GUILDFORD,
Tel +(0)1483 879129 email
Received on Mon Aug 6 16:28:21 2001