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Re: "Config Error" response to autoSwish

From: AusAqua <ausaqua(at)>
Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 12:53:04 GMT
> Given that (I think) I have the right permissions for the destination folder
> of User.conf and Index5
> <<<< 
> You don't know that yet.  I just looked and in is has the line:
> open (OUTFILE, ">$CONFIGDIR/$conf")
> || _die("Cannot create $CONFIGDIR/$conf");
> Change it to: 
> open (OUTFILE, ">$CONFIGDIR/$conf")
> || _die("Cannot create $CONFIGDIR/$conf.  Reason: $!");
> To have perl tell you why it's not working.
Thankyou for the direction.  Might be a week or more before I can have
another crack at this and get back to the group - my #!%**#^!&#(%*#() hard
drive, on which Ive been doing the swish work, has just just come to the end
of a very short life. Can't do much till the replacement arrives.

Andrew L.
Received on Fri Aug 3 12:53:27 2001