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Re: problems indexing with autoswish

From: AusAqua <ausaqua(at)>
Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 08:26:14 GMT
> However, I have been unable to get swish-e (2.0.5) to respond when I attempt
> to create that index using a (modified) form (the medium.html form from
> autoswish).  There's been no response.   ie. No Index is generated and no
> .conf file is produced.
> I did have autoswish running a few months back, and that would have been with
> the development version.  So I doubt there's a problem with the swish version.
> I'd debug this like any other CGI script.  I don't know autoswish that well,
> but here are some things I'd look at:
Mmmmm.  I haven't used debugging before but if I remember correctly, I think
there's a "debug.... option" on that computer.  I'll give it a whirl when
next I get access and will forward the results to the group.

> What does "no response" mean?  Does that mean that autoswish seems to be
> working as expected but that you only don't see the files created?  Or that
> you don't get any response from the autoswish CGI scripts?
No response means that the index file name that I specified in the
autoswish-complete.html file, did not appear at all when I clicked on the
Go-Swish button (despite command-line indexing working OK). A search of the
computer's files, after attempted indexing via this method, failed to reveal
the file.  The same applies for the ___.conf file I specified in the form.

> Does the web server have permission to write to the files it's trying to
> write? 

The target directories for the .config and the index files have been made
writable by "daemon".  However, I don't recall whether the full directory
path is writable by daemon.  Don't know if I'm being clear enough here.  By
way of example, (and question): for a file path from root of
/home/httpd/html,  then do I need to change permissions on "home", "httpd"
as well as "html" to enable writing the index file into "html" by daemon, or
is it necessary to make this change only to "html" ?

> Did you look in you web server's error log file to see if any thing was
> showing up?  I don't know how well autoswish reports errors, but if you have a
> permissions problem (very typical when shell commands work but not CGI) and
> autoswish is good about reporting errors you should see messages in the web
> server's log. 

I'll look at the Apache logs.  I have tried to get autoswish to work both
with and without the server running.  However since, when attempting to get
this autoswish indexing to work, I have been trying to index files that
reside on the same computer I was working on, and swish and autoswish reside
on the same computer too, I didn't think it was necessary to run the server.
This conception is probably born from the success of the command-line
indexing and searching method; this approach seemed to work whether or not
the server was running.  This may be (and probably is) a misconception on my
part, when it comes to submitting a form on the same computer. I'm on a v.
steep learning curve here, but learning none-the-less.  I'd be grateful for
any correction as to whether it is necessary to run the server when
submitting a form on the same computer ?
> I have made what I think are all the required adjustments to Autoswish's
>,, & files.  However, I can't see
> the problem in the files.  I've tried putting in relative references (as
> you'll see from the large number of ../../ etc below in the .pl files) but it
> has not solved the problem.
> <<<< 
> I'd use absolute path names.


Andrew L.

> Bill Moseley 
Received on Mon Jul 23 08:26:40 2001