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Re: StoreDescription and -S prog

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Sat Jun 16 2001 - 14:05:44 GMT
At 02:58 AM 06/16/01 -0700, Gavin Walker wrote:
>I might just wait until the perl module is fixed as I have a reasonable
>amount of time spent on the cgi script and if it is only going to be a
>few days then there is no point in me going back and changing it.  I
>can also just report the results with out a description for the
>meantime using dev-20.

Ok, I just checked in a new version of the perl module.  It passes make
test, but I didn't do much else with it.  Changes were also made to the
swish src, so you will need to cvs update everything, rebuild swish, make
install-lib to install the library (well, if you have done that in the
past), and then build the perl library.

Are you running persistent connections (e.g. using the perl module under
mod_perl)?  That's a good way to eat memory.  Under linux and mod_perl, I
found with apache benchmark that I could do almost as many requests per
second with fork/exec as I could with the library.  But then, I'm not sure
if I was caching the handle returned from SwishOpen().

I have a module called SWISH that's on CPAN, and it's designed to allow you
to switch between running the binary and running the library with only one
change. And the idea is that it will also work with a swish server, if that
ever happens.  It's just an abstraction layer, and standard interface to
swish for perl.  But, of course, It's not up to date right now with the
current development version of swish.

Bill Moseley
Received on Sat Jun 16 14:06:12 2001