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Re: Make seems rare on Webhosts

From: Dave Stevens <dstevens(at)>
Date: Wed Jun 13 2001 - 22:44:03 GMT
>I am having trouble find unix webhosts who have make installed on their
>Is there another way to build swish-e?

Make is standard on every Unix distribution I've worked with.  Back before
we started using a datacenter and our own boxes, all the hosts we used let
us use make, though some got pretty tweaked if we used too much CPU.
Philip is right, swish-e is pretty portable across the same platforms.
I've used pre compiled binaries from my local machine in a pinch with Linux
and also with Solaris.

Could be the host doesn't want you to compile programs on the shared Web
server, so either you don't have access to it, or they've removed it.   On
Linux it's usually at /usr/local/bin/make and on a stock Solaris (non GNU
make) it's at /usr/ccs/bin/make and on FreeBSD it's at /usr/bin/make .

What platforms are you looking at using?

Received on Wed Jun 13 22:48:17 2001